Landscaping Service from Curb Appeal Landscaping

Landscaping Service from Curb Appeal Landscaping

Curb Appeal Landscaping offers a full range of design, construction and landscape maintenance services. We are focused on providing the highest standard of quality and service for the discriminating homeowner. What separates Curb Appeal Landscaping from other landscape contractors is that the company owner is on the project each and every day. This allows us to communicate with the client, supervise the work crew, and execute the task at hand in a professional manner.

Our Landscaping service includes, but not limited to: Planting Bed Maintenance, Landscape Construction, Stonework, Winter Protection, Drainage & Site Work , Landscape Planting, Tree and Shrub Pruning to name a few. The following is a brief overview of some of our services.

Service Area: Cape Cod, Metro-West, Southeastern, MA Rhode Island

Planting Bed Maintenance
Timing is everything in planting bed maintenance. We offer a monthly service so that the correct horticulture practices can be performed at the right time of year. Without proper landscaping service a planting bed can quickly turn into an eyesore. At Curb Appeal Landscaping Service we provide timely care of your plant beds.

Landscape Construction
From concept to completion, Curb Appeal Landscaping Service can take your so-so looking property and turn it into a breathtaking place of beauty that you will enjoy year long. We will work with you to create the look and feel that you want. From design, to sod installation, to selecting the plants, shrubs and tree that you want, we work with you every step of the way.

Often landscape planting made years ago will need to be refurbished. We will work with you to select today’s most hearty perennials, plants, shrubs and trees to bring your landscaped area back to its full beauty.

Natural stone has always weathered the test of time, while providing a sense of permanency. It captures your attention, while its surface textures blend with your flowers and plants. We can add the right measure of stonework that will enhance your landscape.

Winter Protection
New England winters can quickly kill some of your prized plants & shrubs. Winter desiccation, also commonly referred to as winter burn occurs when the amount of water lost by plant tissue exceeds the amount of water that is absorbed by the root zone. We offer the following winter protection services to protect your landscaping, burlap windbreaks, straw mulch and anti-desiccation spray. Our proven winter protection methods stop the ravages of winter.

Drainage & Site Work
Water is a home’s worst enemy. Surface runoff from rain & melting snow, rain gutters that overflow during a rain event, downspouts that discharge water onto a sidewalk creating hazardous icy conditions in winter. A high water table can create a wet and unusable basement. Water if left uncontrolled can lead to structural problems in the home, damaged landscaping and an unsightly mess. As a civil engineer and a licensed MA construction supervisor, I understand drainage systems and how to channel water a safe distance away from the house foundation. I can quickly assess a water problem and provide the client with an action plan. We offer the following services to control the harmful effects of water: installation of rain gutters, down spouts, drainage pipe, grading and site work.

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